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Call to Native Artists from the Great Basin

Dear Great Basin Native Artist,

Since 2014, the Great Basin Native Artists have been working very hard to get our region acknowledged by the bigger art world. Our goals have been to be included in the national and international art scene as well have our past art works be celebrated by others and especially by our youth and our own Native people. A lot of our historical pieces are just now becoming available to view online and we have joined with the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, NV to create and house an ongoing Great Basin Native Artist archive in hopes of sharing our culture and art with each other and the world.

This is a unique relationship between Museum and Native artist, and I hope this collaboration will catch on in other regions so we can all see and share the beauty of our cultures with each other through these new technologies.

This is such an important time for Native artists of the Great Basin; I hope you will participate with this project.

Please contact me for more information and I will send your Artist Invite letter and instructions on what to send. The Great Basin Native Artist Archive will consist of anything you want to include in your file. This could be exhibit posters, postcards, resume, bio, images, etc. There is no official deadline, but to be included with the launch of the online database, all information you want included with the directory should be sent to me by February 2019.

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon,

Melissa Melero-Moose

Founder, Great Basin Native Artists

email: melerom@hotmail.com

phone: 505-603-5157

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