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                              Artist Statement

My artworks consist of contemporary mixed media paintings of images inspired by the landscape and culture of the Numu (Northern Paiute) in Nevada, California, and Oregon.   Organic objects, sand, acrylic washes and mediums are all layered intuitively to create a visual in which life in the Great Basin is told through a different medium.  Willows, tules, cattails, and pine nuts are all very important staples to the Paiute people, being sources of food, shelter, and implements made with artistic intention.  I integrated these images and cultural organic materials into my artwork as my interpretation of landscapes and how I view the beauty of my culture as well as nature itself.  I consider these works to be a perspective of my tribe and culture through the eyes of a Native woman, mother, and artist.  


The process of these works evolved from painting abstract figures and landscapes to experimental combining of mediums and objects to create my current mixed media work.   The ideas of applying willow and other objects to the canvas came from the family creating parts of my sons’ cradleboard.  From the willow alignment to the beadwork for his cradleboard hood, I saw each part separately before it was assembled and wanted to document that series of creation.  Since then my life and artwork have gone into a new direction.  I also began the process of painting more environmentally conscious at this time by recycling and repurposing materials, mixing my own acrylic washes to conserve paint and leaving nothing to be washed down the drain.  I combine many layers of the washes and mediums to create my landscapes and Great Basin inspired images.    These bas relief like, highly textured surfaces transform from two-dimensional canvas to three-dimensional objects when I attach the willow, pinenuts, or found objects to the surface. 


I view these works as a personal collaboration of my culture, individual development, and curious expression of the world around me.  My intention is to share with others the beauty of the Great Basin area, people, and culture.

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Great Basin Native Artist

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