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how mu (hello)! I would like to share with you our latest podcasts and art talks about the Great Basin Native Artists, the Nevada Museum of Art Archive project, upcoming exhibitions and more! We are so honored to be given a voice for our Native art, thank you so much to Kris Vagner, Double Scoop, KNPR Public Radio and The Nevada Independent.

Double Scoop, Reno Arts News


Nevada Public Radio, KNPR’s podcast featuring members of the Great Basin Native Artists. Here’s the link, and it’s also available on most podcast platforms: https://knpr.org/knpr/2021-08/chapter-6-artivists

INDYMATTERS, The NV Independent Reporter, Jazmin OrozcoRodriguez, interviews Melissa Melero-Moose about finding her voice in her art and her goal to get more Indigenous art recognized.


Nevada Humanities, Photo Essay Series, podcast coming soon!


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